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Master the Army promotion point system!


Download Here - Free Promotion Points Blueprint!
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5-Categories to Solve

Five complex promotion point categories to master.

Confusing Regs to Figure Out

Army Regulations are written with confusing language.

No Time to Focus

Military commitments prevent you from focusing on you.

Download Here - Free Promotion Points Blueprint!

Hi, I'm CW3 (Ret) Steven Foust

As an Army enlisted soldier I struggled to find a clear path toward promotion to SGT / E-5. Tired of waiting for my promotion to "just happen", I created a process and method to earn promotion points faster. As a result, I achieved 98% of all available promotion points and received the first promotion to SSG / E-6, within my MOS, in more than a year.

Since then, I wrote and published a book about my experiences, became a Warrant Officer, and retired as a CW3. I still love helping enlisted soldiers gain the upper hand on promotion points and accelerate their career.

I look forward to sharing with you my experience and strategies to help you achieve similar results!


Download Here - Free Promotion Points Blueprint!
Steven Foust in the Army

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Download Here - Free Promotion Points Blueprint!

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Download Here - Free Promotion Points Blueprint!