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Army Promotion Points:  Episode 001 - Transcript 

Welcome to the Army Promotion Points podcast, I'm your host, Steven Foust, and in this episode, episode number one, I want to go over with you what we're going to be doing on this podcast each time we get together on an episode and the benefit of this for you. So I created this podcast to serve soldiers, army soldiers in pay grade E-1 to E-4 get ahead of the game, start learning about promotion points early and then begin to accumulate those points.

So when they become eligible for promotion, when they become an E-4 and they've done the requisite amount of time, when you've done that, then you will be able to be so much further ahead of everyone else around you, both in your MOS, outside of your MOS peers, people that you work with, your friends, your buddies, you'll be so far ahead of them because you are gaining points now when most people are out partying, having fun, not thinking about getting promoted to Sergeant E-5, you are getting a head start.

This podcast is designed to give you insight, information and resources that are going to get you kick started, get fuel on that fire, get some of these points into your electronic Promotion Point Worksheet now. So when the time comes, you're ready to punch that ticket to Sergeant E-5 faster than you would ever believe. So that's the intent of the podcast. That's what we're going to be doing each episode. We're going to be covering a lot of cool stuff.


We're going to be covering each one of the promotion point categories, including military training, awards, decorations and achievements, military education, civilian education. We're going to be looking at all of the subcategories within each one of those to really focus in on the areas you can go get promotion points, things you can specifically do now as an E-2 as an E-3 as an early E-4 to get those points in your bank account now. So when you go to the board, what we hope is you'll go in the secondary zone because you're the kind of soldier, the type of soldier that delivers excellence every day, we'll talk a lot about that as well.

When you go to the board early in the secondary zone, you're not going to be coming out of the board all of a sudden eligible for promotion, having to figure out, oh, my gosh, what do I go do? How do I get some promotion points? How do I fill up my promotion point worksheet with some points so I can get promoted and maybe a year or 18 months? No, you're going to be so well positioned for that because you're going to have some points already built up.

You're taking advantage of these resources and you're going to be doing it much sooner than others because you're listening to this podcast. So I'm here to support you. I am a promotion points expert. I wrote a book on the promotion point system some years ago. I am just invigorated and excited to serve you, give you the latest information on promotion points that you can take action on. I'm currently a retired Chief Warrant Officer 3. I spent twelve and a half years in the Army on active duty.

I went in as an E-1 as low as you could possibly get right out of high school. I advanced my way up all the way to making E-7 converted over to the Warrant Officer Corps was an Aviation Maintenance Warrant Officer. In my promotion points journey it started with my frustration. I was a guy, a kid that came into the military and trying to figure things out. And I kind of was that party guy for a little while. And then I finally got my head screwed on straight and I said, You know what?

I want to make something of myself. I want to have a career. I want to get promoted. What do I need to do? So I started looking at asking questions and I realized there was this promotion points process out there that I knew nothing about. And information and feedback that I took from others sometimes was mixed. It wasn't the right information. It was coming from people who had no success in the promotion points process specifically, these were people who kind of hung around and eventually got promoted by doing the minimum that they needed to do.

But these weren't people that could help me really accelerate my journey in my experience. So as I was looking around for feedback and support, I couldn't find folks that really knew the nitty gritty about promotion points. So I had to go figure it out on my own. So I dug into the regulations. I dug deep down into all the different areas of opportunity for promotion points and went through the school of hard knocks and eventually figured it out. It took me a little longer to get promoted to E-5, but I had found my stride.

I had found my calling, then I put it into overdrive, put fuel on my fire and started to see the opportunities within each one of the categories, the promotion point buckets. And I started taking advantage of them. So we'll fast forward a little bit and I ended up with 98% of all available promotion points on this 800 point scale, 784 points is what I accumulated when I got promoted to Staff Sergeant E-6 in MOS 15G, Aircraft Structural Repairer.

And I was the only person that got promoted within a 12 month period because it was over strength at the time and I was the highest person on the list and one of the very highest soldiers on the list in the entire army, in my MOS for sure. But across the army, one of the top soldiers on the promotion points list, period. So I say all that because I want to make sure that you know that I come to this journey with you, to serve you, to help you, to share my background, experience, expertise in points to help you get ahead faster.

So you're not getting to E-4, a senior E-4 going to E-5 and trying to start figuring things out. It can be too late if that happens to you now. It's never too late, Per say. It's always better to get started whenever you learn and know something new. But if you have this opportunity to start when you're an early E-4 when you're at E-3 and E-2, and if for some way, shape or form you're listening to this and you're an E-1, good golly, you're going to be so far ahead.


If you do just 10% of what I'm going to share with you in this podcast, in these episodes, you're going to be so far ahead. But if you're E-2, E-3 or early E-4, you're going to be ahead of everybody else. I'm here to support you. We're going to be going through unpacking this down this path. We're going to be talking about all these different subjects around promotion points. We're also going to mix in some strategies.

We're going to mix in some mindset shifts and we're going to put it all together. We're going to start very foundationally with promotion points. We're going to work in some strategies. We're going to work in some mindset. So, we're going to continue to put content out there so you will have a repository in the library to go back to and refer to when you need help and support and focus. I am here to support you as well. You can go to my website.

Just go to  That'll send you to my website, send you to my start here page and you'll see all the different resources and free content that you can begin putting some action to and starting your journey. Make sure you tune in to each and every episode. I am here to support you. You have a great one. See you then.



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